I am the Dean of Students at Corpus Christi School and I had to review what a great job DJ Pasha did at our recent Graduation dinner and dance. DJ Pasha is already loved by so many parents and kids at our school and there are is a big reason for it. Our graduating class is at a tough age when it comes to interacting and being involved. DJ Pasha’s incentives, the vocal encouragement, and true energy and professionalism did not go unnoticed by myself or the Vice Principal. DJ Pasha is incredibly gifted at his craft and just has a way of taking control of a room with a cool style that makes everyone follow him. DJ Pasha also included his dancer that was just as energetic and involved as DJ Pasha. Together you can tell they love working together and will do whatever to takes to give people a good time. We have enjoyed working with DJ Pasha and his company for many years. He is always more than ready to put on a good show- but on a night that we thought no one would dance DJ Pasha blew us away. I am so happy I was in attendance to witness his performance. I will enthusiastically ask DJ Pasha to come back and I will recommend his services whenever I can. Thank you DJ Pasha.

– Peter Powell