20 years ago DJ Pasha Entertainment started with music. And today with every performance and set up we have provided we are excited to share our love and passion for every event. Our experienced team of entertainers have mulitple talents that range from playing musical instruments to producing and remixing.

Every night that we go out to perform we collect knowledge from our events. The right volume, what music is too new or too played out or songs that have made a comeback. Each and every mix is a new chapter that we get to share with you from our experiences.

We do not get lost in our headphones or mixing boards, we keep watch on our couple and our dance floor. In meetings we are asked allot if “there is a thing we do”, which is funny to us as we become you and our mission is to keep the vibe custom and build a party where no one wants to leave.

Remember, the quality lies in an artist’s growth from his/her experiences in their field. Michael Jackson became the King of Pop by growing from a boy into the greatest entertainer of all time. This was all done by performing night after night for his shows turning guests in the crowd into his fans for life.

We want to make you our fans for life. We are blessed to have had many opportunities to perform 2 to 3 weddings in the same family and referrals that still come 20 years later. From the beginning Owner DJ Pasha never said no to a client when asked to perform for different styles of events. It meant the world to him to expand his relationship with his clients and he loved the continued support. He performed his first wedding at 18! And to this day he says “Last Night’s event made me a better DJ, and tomorrow’s event will be my opportunity to show it”. No party, and especially weddings are the same, we believe everyone has different likes and dislikes.

We treat every couple, party, and night completely different. With conversations, emails, Spotify playlists, and yes even couple’s mixtapes we customize your event from start to finish. We want to arrive at your event confident as if we know every guest and each song will make everyone dance and excited-with NO fillers!

For a wedding day we have so many opportunities to share your vibes and music. From a welcoming guest arrival mix to your dramatic entrances and cheery ceremony recessional. This leads into pure happiness and an uplifting cocktail mix full of your music making guests want to celebrate. With our knowledge of music we can create your custom playlists from your favorite artists, genres, and even decades or themes.

Oh and the reception!…. with every moment being represented by song we walk everyone through the musical timeline pushing emotions into anticipation to get up and dance with our couple.

We are so excited to get to know you and your love story. We want to share with you our passion in our performance and represent your style “Your Day Your Way”