For DJ Pasha entertainment music is life. When you think of music you can remember so many moments in your life. What did your parents listen too? What was playing in the car when you went to school or on vacation? What was the first song that made you want to dance and lose control? Throughout your life music supported you when you were happy, mad, sad, or even confused. Not all couples budget or even realize how important hiring an experienced DJ/MC performer is. A professional doesn’t “Just Play Songs”, we share our knowledge of our couple and experience with music. A Wedding Day is full of emotions and we provide your soundtrack to your new lives together. When guests arrive at your venue we welcome them with a feeling of class and anticipation to see the Wedding Family, Party and matrimony of our new couple. With the right vibe, tempo, and volume the excitement grows. For Guest Arrival we have played everything from Big Band Jazz for family from New Orleans to music scores and hand picked artists, even video game songs. This is the custom service we provide. We are telling your story as ONE now. A story that song by song represents our couple, family, and friends.

When we meet with our couples we ask:

What was your first concert?

What music makes both sides of your families not hold back from singing and dancing?

What do your friends like?

What do you dislike? (Very Important!)

What ages will be in attendance?

With these questions the relationship with our couple and their personal playlist begins to grow. This is the fun part for us. We treat every party different and with a wedding we look at it as multiple parties. Here is how we see it- We have our couple, each an individual with likes and dislikes but yet through the relationship have grown to like each others tastes. There are road trips, concerts, moving in together, cleaning your house! Music has always been there, to make you dance, laugh, and cry together. No 1 couple is the same, and like a photographer pulls out a smile we want to pull out your style. To be continued……..