Owner and President DJ Pasha has begun inviting his clients and fans to share his headphones with the release of DJ Pasha’s Playlist Episode 1 in 2015. DJ Pasha’s vision is to let potential clients hear his voice on the microphone and share new music and artists from around the world. With radio being so repetitious and commercialized, DJ Pasha is introducing new artists and remixes direct from his programming. To find a website for his concept took a while but he found a home for his music on Mixcloud.com/DjPashaEntertainment.


Since 2015 DJ Pasha has released multiple Playlist Episodes and has built his Mixcloud page even larger with live and studio full mixes. Each of these mixes have a theme and story to take his listeners on a musical journey. With a strong passion for music, DJ Pasha daily researches sounds to perfect his mixes at events. By playing fresh and worldly tracks in his sets, DJ Pasha opens the ears of party attendees to brand new rhythms. Frequently asked what he is playing and who the artists are; DJ Pasha is now offering a new style of radio.


As the owner and most active performer of DJ Pasha Entertainment he believes showing clients how he sounds, mixes, and projects as an event’s master of ceremonies and DJ. By following DJ Pasha Entertainment on Mixcloud you will automatically be notified when DJ Pasha has a new release! Enjoy the party that never dies.