I have enjoyed DJ Pasha at several events and I was thrilled to hire him and his team for our daughter’s wedding. My little girl’s wedding day was a bit overwhelming for our family, so as soon as we all reached out to DJ Pasha he was quick to schedule a meeting. From our first conversation DJ Pasha was prepared and helped to lead us all in the right direction. He is a planner in his own right, because he really calmed us all down with care and experience. Our new son in law is Latin and we where to have almost 50% of our guests traveling from Latin countries. DJ Pasha was very interactive and helpful planning the agenda and music for the reception for everyone to enjoy. DJ Pasha’s performance as a DJ and Master of Ceremony was sensational. His team even took care of the Spanish announcements. But when DJ Pasha speaks he has everyone’s attention, and I must add he has a very comforting and welcoming persona.  Throughout the process, DJ Pasha demonstrated genuine concern for the event and the family which was reflected in how he facilitated the entertainment and engaged the family and guests. Months later we are all still talking about how great and special he made my daughter’s wedding.  We look forward to working with DJ Pasha again and seeing him perform at the Jonathan Clubs.

– Dante P.