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DJ & KJ Stephan

DJ Stephan Quick Mix

With the love of music, Stephan has been providing quality entertainment to the greater Los Angeles area for over thirty-five years. At a young age Stephan was exposed to a variety of music and cultures. He was surrounded by many different music genres growing up in Southern California.

In high school he got involved in the party scene, and like most DJ’s He started out spinning vinyl. He now works exclusively with several digital formats: music, music videos, and Karaoke. Stephan is great with guests and their requests. He plays close attention to the dance floor, and he knows how to read a crowd. This is one of the reasons why he has repeat customers.

“Music is the soundtrack of our lives. It has always been there for us: in the good times, and in the bad times, music makes us happy, and sad” He goes on and says “If I can play that one song, that one song that would make someone’s night, I did my job right!”.

He has the experience in corporate events, weddings, public occasions, and private parties, He has what it takes to make your event memorable.

Let’s Get the Ball Rolling