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DJ Damian James

DJ Damian James Mix

DJ Damian James has been a professional disc-jockey, emcee and entertainer for the past 20 years. As a genuine music fan and one who always loves a party that has “Energy and good vibes”, he uses his passion and experience to keep crowds entertained and dancing at special events all throughout Southern California. His fun-loving personality and exposure to a wide variety of music genres and cultures as a young child has rewarded him with the ability to connect with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Playing to mixed crowds at different types of gigs for the past two decades, Damian enjoys the freedom to mix up musical styles and stay fresh with his music selection. “I really like to see people enjoying themselves.” he explains. “If I can help them do that by playing good music and perhaps give them a little more music culture with a song they’ve never heard before, then I feel I’m doing my job well.”

DJ Damian James is a very loved and requested performer at all of our Private Resorts and Country Clubs due to his versatility and charming attitude. (se habla espanol)

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