When we receive a wedding inquiry one of the most important connections to us is setting up a face to face meeting. It is a huge part of our service standards. Our couples have the opportunity to meet and get to know exactly who will be a part of their day. And for us it is being able to connect and understand our couple’s wishes and styles.

From our first email with Danny and Ana we made an effort to first set up a phone meeting to go over their day and venue’s needs. The couple and their performer DJ Pasha talked for over an hour. While DJ Pasha made experienced suggestions we always want to hear what the couple’s wishes are first.

Next step was an in person meeting at the venue. With the couple’s busy work schedule, a meeting was scheduled on the groom’s first available day off.

At the first greeting there was a confident connection between the couple and DJ Pasha. So much was accomplished by walking the venue grounds and going through example timelines. With the confidence DJ Pasha gave Danny and Ana they became our couple and the journey began!

Making sure to please visiting family from Mexico and Texas DJ Pasha worked closely with our couple to create the perfect mix. A mix that welcomes every guest and builds anticipation for announcements and dancing. We believe that family and guests feel comfortable when they hear selections they can relate to. For DJ Pasha Entertainment there is no standard wedding music every song and mix is custom for every couple.

On the day of, many of the guests arrived early to be greeted by DJ Pasha and his cocktail mix. DJ Pasha introduced himself to the family members and friends to go over any questions about their speeches or dances. He even helped to organize a surprise singing performance from the groom’s niece.

There is so much love on a wedding day, so much everyone wants to help and be a part of it. Day of we want everyone to enjoy every second, while we do the work and handle the details.

Prior to our Grand Entrance, DJ Pasha introduced the 200 guest party to relatives and friends from around the states and Mexico. With cheer for each region guests were ready to bring our Bride and Groom into their party!

For the Emotional Parental Dances our Bride danced with the man that raised Her and our groom danced with both his Mom and Sister.

Our couple wanted the Money Dances, which we handle as a special personal moment for family and friends. With knowledge of his couple and their guest list, DJ Pasha played a variety of songs throughout the ages to please everyone making each guest excited to dance with our Bride and Groom. These moments are priceless and creative the best photos and memories for life. We can honestly say that just about every guest participated in the Money Dances.

With a kick off mix before the cake cutting and then over 2 hours of dancing after that DJ Pasha had the dance floor packed. All ages, all ethnicities came together for Danny and Ana. We are proud to share with you footage from the Castillo Wedding directly from our DJ Booth. This is what it feels like, the DJ Pasha Entertainment Experience.