Experience DJ Pasha’s Mixes and Playlists Now

Owner and President DJ Pasha has begun inviting his clients and fans to share his headphones with the release of DJ Pasha’s Playlist Episode 1 in 2015. DJ Pasha’s vision is to let potential clients hear his voice on the microphone and share new music and artists from around the world. With radio being so repetitious and commercialized, DJ Pasha is introducing new artists and remixes direct from his programming. To find a website for his concept took a while but he found a home for his music on Mixcloud.com/DjPashaEntertainment.


Since 2015 DJ Pasha has released multiple Playlist Episodes and has built his Mixcloud page even larger with live and studio full mixes. Each of these mixes have a theme and story to take his listeners on a musical journey. With a strong passion for music, DJ Pasha daily researches sounds to perfect his mixes at events. By playing fresh and worldly tracks in his sets, DJ Pasha opens the ears of party attendees to brand new rhythms. Frequently asked what he is playing and who the artists are; DJ Pasha is now offering a new style of radio.


As the owner and most active performer of DJ Pasha Entertainment he believes showing clients how he sounds, mixes, and projects as an event’s master of ceremonies and DJ. By following DJ Pasha Entertainment on Mixcloud you will automatically be notified when DJ Pasha has a new release! Enjoy the party that never dies.

WOW Women of Wrestling Season 5

After throwing on a Mexican Wrestler Mask to DJ for WOW Women of Wrestling last year in Long Beach- DJ Pasha was asked to return! This time for the full taping of the promotions Season 5 at the beautiful Belasco Theatre downtown Los Angeles. With Dangerous DJ Pasha reserved, he organized a complete walk through and sound check at the Belasco prior. With his experience he made many suggestions into production and his placement. See we don’t look at our bookings to be as simple as playing music-we are performers. With that DJ Pasha wanted to be seen in costume, heard by the entire arena, and interact with every fan. The night of DJ Pasha arrived 5 hours before show time to ensure all went smooth. Dressed in a white tuxedo and matching Luchador mask, even the staff wondered who this mysterious character was! From his first song the energy burst to the ceiling and wall to wall. By doing his own research DJ Pasha was able to promote the media, matches, and merchandise all by pumping up the crowd. As the event was about to begin, DJ Pasha had everyone on their feet and dancing in anticipation. With over 12 matches and Dangerous DJ Pasha in the mix the theatre was electric. We have already been asked to have Dangerous DJ Pasha back for the Season 6 event! With every performance we supply the energy and excitement for your event’s success!

Exactly What We Imagined

We hired Pahsa to DJ our wedding and we received dozens of compliments on the music and requests for his info from our guests. For our reception, we wanted tons of energy and non-stop dancing and he delivered! The dance floor was packed all night. From the beginning, we were struck by how detailed and professional Pasha was about everything. We discussed the “vibe” we were going for with our event (for us, it was a mix of hip hop, pop, and Latin music). He asked about every detail we were planning (How everyone would be announced…full names, first names, etc. What was our cake cutting song? What was our final song? What was the color scheme of the wedding?). We frankly hadn’t even thought about any of these questions…but Pasha had everything planned to deliver exactly what we had imagined. On top of everything, he is just the nicest guy and great to work with. We highly recommend Pasha for any event and already have. You know you’re going to have fun at your own wedding, but the way we knew that Pasha was the right choice was that multiple guests asked for the playlist afterwards. Thanks Pasha!
– Miranda + Damian

Chloe’s Bat Mitzvah

Going back to the end of 2016 we received a call from a mom who was referred to us and needed help. Being a single mother, she was stressed about planning her daughter’s Bat mitzvah due to the fact she was doing it all on her own. The responsibility of what she thought she had to do and the money it would take to do it. From our first call, I could feel the nervousness in her voice. We immediately set up a meeting at the venue for the next week and ensured her we would make it happen and focus on what is most important to their family.

Our meeting was so much fun, our Bat Mitzvah girl was a singer and dancer so we focused on who she is and that became her theme! We planned a Broadway Musical theme with songs from her favorite shows for cocktails and lunch. We also convinced Chloe to sing at her Bat Mitzvah to show and share her talents with family and friends. DJ Pasha customized the dance sets and games to reflect Chloe’s likes, not just what everybody does at typical Mitzvahs. This created an amazing daytime dance party! We planned our very own red carpet photo booth to take pictures at the exact times guests could utilize.

Most money is wasted at Mitzvahs on the incorrect timing and use of vendors. At DJ Pasha Entertainment we coordinate every investment our clients have purchased into our timeline. We saved our Mother and Daughter a lot of money and stress but most importantly created a day they will never forget.

Valley Hunt Club Family Easter Festival

This year DJ Pasha Entertainment was welcomed back to the Valley Hunt Club for their annual Family Easter Festival. The entertainment provided was our adorable friendly Easter Bunny, 2 face painters, 2 balloon twisters, 3 separate petting zoos, and our new addition to the club a trackless train offering parents and kids rides together. We decided to place the trackless train in the center entrance, taking guests on rides around the round about. This created such excitement as guest arrived and once doors open the train was off and never stopped.

Last year we had a 6-count pony sweep for kids to ride but wanted something for everyone and we nailed it. So much, they have asked us back for a 3rd year and have taken our advise to add one of our talented DJ performers to make announcements and play good vibes for all ages to enjoy the beautiful Easter morning.


WOW. 6 weeks after the wedding and I still have people telling me how they danced more at our wedding than any other wedding/event they’ve ever been to. There were no less than 50+ people dancing at any given time.. and there were only 150 people there! Honestly, I danced at my own wedding for about an hour and a half straight! Leading up to the wedding, Pasha spent countless hours reviewing music we sent him and asking questions to ensure everything was perfect on our special day. You can tell he’s been doing this a long time because he’s a master at mixing, keeping the wedding running on-time (my wedding planner said we ran on time TO THE MINUTE!), and sustaining the energy in the room. Honestly, I can’t say enough wonderful things about DJ Pasha and his ability to keep people dancing ALL NIGHT…. and as a former radio DJ myself, I can be a pretty harsh critic!!! I’ve never left a review on weddingwire or even yelp for that matter – that’s how much we loved him. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him if you want everyone from your grandmother to your musician friends on the dance floor all night. Thank you Pasha for a lifetime of memories!
– Molly