What 5 Stars Means To Us

10 years ago DJ Pasha Entertainment was introduced to the review format of WeddingWire. DPE was not a paying member of WeddingWire and did not know much about the site. Couples, brides, and grooms began proclaiming their happiness and experience with DJ Pasha Entertainment to the world on their very own. That very year due to the overwhelming 5 star reviews we were awarded the 2009 Couple’s Choice Award! This award honors only 5% of wedding professionals who have demonstrated excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism.

This award and these reviews really showed us the impact we are making. After a gorgeous wedding day and the biggest party of our couple’s new lives together our relationship keeps building. From our first email and phone call we want to begin that TRUST. That trust comes from you knowing exactly who you are working with. A company that listens and cares about what is important to you and treats every couple and client as special as their wishes are.

A company with 20 years of experience included within our value and all that we offer.

We are proud to say if for whatever reason we did not get booked for the initial wedding or party, after their event clients will still reach out to us. Events from anniversaries, birthday parties, work events, or even to their first home we celebrate with you.

Since 2009 DJ Pasha Entertainment has won the Couple’s Choice Award every year. With over 200 reviews couples and clients have shared the joy and satisfaction of booking with DJ Pasha Entertainment and Coordination.

We want to be your supplier of good times for life. With reviews word of mouth from an actual couple or client says allot. From performing over 120 events a year, seminars, and workshops we continue to build the knowledge and understanding to assist our clients with a flawless and stress free event. We want to earn those 5 stars and create an experience you, your family, and friends will talk about forever.





Fairy Tales Come True

We remember meeting our Groom-Sam while we were setting up for our wedding event that day. Sam was from out of state and was venue searching while in town. We later found out Sam was in charge of the venue and the music. Sam was impressed with DJ Pasha’s set up, he expressed it as the cleanest set up he’s ever seen at a wedding. He also loved the up lights, pin spots, and custom monogram we provided. Being we arrived extra early for set up DJ Pasha and Sam sat down and chatted. DJ Pasha and Sam spoke for about 35 minutes and although the couple still needed to find a venue Sam told us their date and also wanted to reserve DJ Pasha. He was so excited to tell his Bride to be that 1/2of his duties were done and she has to meet DJ Pasha!

Our Couple Laurie and Sam wanted a location out of town guests would be excited about but also dreamed of a rustic garden wedding. We made suggestions and even met with them for site visits. They found exactly what they were looking for at The Garland in Hollywood. With a secluded garden, gorgeous trees, a fountain centerpiece, and a lovely area for the ceremony our Bride was extremely happy. We were excited to start planning their wishes and organizing the sound and lighting specifics for the space.

As months turned into days we were ready to produce a perfect day for our couple. On their Wedding Day Laurie and Sam could not wait to see each other. After a fairy tale ceremony the two were able to look at each other kiss and laugh as their wedding party had just begun.

From beautiful parental dances and toasts we could feel the happiness from our couple. And when it was time to dance with DJ Pasha, guests ran to the dance floor and never left. Every song in every mix DJ Pasha performed built more and more excitement.

We want engaged couples to know just how easy it is to communicate and bring your wishes to life with DJ Pasha Entertainment. We are here for you no matter where you are planning from “Spinning Your Day Your Way”

DPE Presents Hot Latin Nights

Labor Day the last big summer holiday of 2017 was red hot on the beach with DJ Pasha Entertainment. The Santa Monica Beach Club wanted to offer something totally different to their members and guests this year. With us being the in house entertainment for over 16 years the Beach Club reached out to us for ideas. With Latin Music crossing over more and more into mainstream and our knowledge of the cultures, we suggested a “Hot Latin Nights”. The Beach Club loved the idea and the DPE creative team got to work! From our recent travels to Puerto Rico and Mexico we wanted to make members feel as if they were on vacation. The Beach Club resident DJ Pasha was confirmed to spice up the night with rhythms from all Latin countries including Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Soca and favorites like Santana, Mana, remixes and tropical house music.

Next we wanted to provide an interactive Latin band. We organized an award winning 7 piece live salsa band which we have worked with many of times in numerous Clubs and festivals. The energetic salsa band jammed for 3 dance sets throughout the night. As the sun went down the DPE show heated up. With our knowledge of the Club’s members we worked together with the band director to create set lists with not only salsa music but we included English music with a Latin flare to it!

DJ Pasha welcomed guests as if they just landed with tropical beats that made everybody move. Our Green Screen had Havana and Beach backdrops for everyone to create their own keepsake postcard of their summer journey.

With our extensive team of dancers we knew exactly who we needed to add to the show. Our salsa dancers just returned from winning first place in Canada and where ready to teach and motivate party go-ers. Our dancers put on 2 electrifying shows and also taught salsa and bachata to all ages on the beach. Our interactive dancers made it so easy for all to learn. In our performances we want our clients to feel comfortable and involved. It makes us so proud to see the crowd dance, laugh, and try something new that they will remember forever.

Management and the Club’s members were very impressed with our production and flow of the evening. Attendance that Holiday weekend was at it’s highest in years.

At DJ Pasha Entertainment we have so much to offer. With our experience, travels, and global performers we will customize every event to represent our clients. This is why we are the entertainment choice for multiple Private Beach and Resort Clubs through out California. The Clubs include The Jonathan Beach Club, Bel-Air Bay Club, The Jonathan Town Club DTLA, The Valley Hunt Club, and The Big Canyon Country Club Newport Beach. And we can take our show anywhere even your backyard. Just ask and we will make it happen!



DJ Pasha Entertainment Black Friday!

With the Holidays already here DJ Pasha Entertainment is very much in the giving mood. We have so much to be thankful for. As we look back at this year and years before, we feel so blessed to have been a part of so many special moments. To be chosen to direct, coordinate, and perform for such life long memories is exactly why we started our company. Some heartwarming reflections are:

Welcoming Family and Friends to a ceremony to unite 2 families and 2 beautiful people. And by being a part of the couple’s new life journey together we offer them the biggest party of their life.

Celebrating all birthdays from year 1 to 100. Being a part of young adults taking their steps into adulthood at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras, and Sweet 16’s.

And even creating a winter wonderland with snow on the beach, holiday music, and unicorn rides.

We see the smiles, excitement, and joy it brings and we want to share the love even more! It was announced on November 19 on social media that something big was coming from us on Black Friday. Our gift to you is not just a discount it is an open door to meet us, let us help, and experience who DJ Pasha Entertainment is! Call it an open house, let’s chat, laugh, have coffee and plan YOUR DAY YOUR WAY! We want to share our 20 years of event experience with you. We want you to see just how easy it is to inquire, ask questions, have ideas and know all of your options and all that we have to offer.

We want to work with you and for you and show you what you’ve heard, seen, or read is very true. We make it personal with custom customer service.

Owner DJ Pasha comes from an extensive retail background and knows every customer is different and has different wishes and needs. DJ Pasha began managing stores in California and traveled opening over 10 stores throughout the US.

Black Friday has become it’s own holiday and we don’t want this to just be a sale, we want to get to know you. From all of our successful events we quickly become friends and the life long entertainment choice for many of our clients. Let’s all grow together and have fun doing it. Happy Holidays we look very forward to welcoming you into our world.

Our Role in Role Models

Being seen and heard by all ages comes with a big responsibility for us. We believe strongly in being an example and good role models for anyone who is interested in our talents or booking us. Now of days it seems like everyone is trying to be good at bad because it’s cool. We just want to be good and get better with every performance.

We can adjust to any age group and style. In one weekend we can be performing everything from a 5 year old birthday party to a family carnival to a wedding to a night club. So much goes into us becoming a part of each individual event. With Halloween just passing you saw our talent in a different costumes every night to be a fun centerpiece for our clients. Owner DJ Pasha has even dressed up at numerous weddings as an astronaut and a pirate. With our enthusiasm in our music we take it even further by getting involved. We do not want to just be playing music in the corner, we want every guest to be impressed when they see who was booked as the entertainment. We want to show our clients how excited we are to be there, show everyone a great time and give our clients pride in us.

Whether it is a business suit or themed attire-that is just the beginning to respecting our event. Being professional on the microphone has always been important to us. We take our Master of Ceremonies duties very seriously. We are clear and engaging at our weddings, but yet we can hype up any crowd with class. We learn allot from experiencing live shows and how to achieve giving direction. We learn ways to create excitement without curse words. We want your attention and everyone’s respect as well. At an adult party our guests are there to drink and get wild, we are hired to keep that energy going. We want you to completely enjoy yourselves, your home, and event.

In our professional culture we believe in the following:

  • Arriving early and well dressed
  • We do not drink any alcohol on the job (But LOVE Ginger Ale)
  • We do not expect to be fed and in most cases there isn’t any time to step away from the action
  • Freshly dressed and ready to go at start time as our dress code is strictly enforced to look good for you

And at a child’s party or even a teenage event we are aware of music’s innuendos and explicit lyrics. We do not feel comfortable playing the dirty versions for such young people. Another concern of ours is the ears that may find it offensive. Kids will request the unedited versions so we always ask the parents about this prior to the event.

Even at a wedding with a guest list from children to grandparents we ask about edited versions. Knowing the wishes of our clients and the atmosphere allows us to represent a quality performance. We look forward to showing you soon!

Our Mission is Our Passion

20 years ago DJ Pasha Entertainment started with music. And today with every performance and set up we have provided we are excited to share our love and passion for every event. Our experienced team of entertainers have mulitple talents that range from playing musical instruments to producing and remixing.

Every night that we go out to perform we collect knowledge from our events. The right volume, what music is too new or too played out or songs that have made a comeback. Each and every mix is a new chapter that we get to share with you from our experiences.

We do not get lost in our headphones or mixing boards, we keep watch on our couple and our dance floor. In meetings we are asked allot if “there is a thing we do”, which is funny to us as we become you and our mission is to keep the vibe custom and build a party where no one wants to leave.

Remember, the quality lies in an artist’s growth from his/her experiences in their field. Michael Jackson became the King of Pop by growing from a boy into the greatest entertainer of all time. This was all done by performing night after night for his shows turning guests in the crowd into his fans for life.

We want to make you our fans for life. We are blessed to have had many opportunities to perform 2 to 3 weddings in the same family and referrals that still come 20 years later. From the beginning Owner DJ Pasha never said no to a client when asked to perform for different styles of events. It meant the world to him to expand his relationship with his clients and he loved the continued support. He performed his first wedding at 18! And to this day he says “Last Night’s event made me a better DJ, and tomorrow’s event will be my opportunity to show it”. No party, and especially weddings are the same, we believe everyone has different likes and dislikes.

We treat every couple, party, and night completely different. With conversations, emails, Spotify playlists, and yes even couple’s mixtapes we customize your event from start to finish. We want to arrive at your event confident as if we know every guest and each song will make everyone dance and excited-with NO fillers!

For a wedding day we have so many opportunities to share your vibes and music. From a welcoming guest arrival mix to your dramatic entrances and cheery ceremony recessional. This leads into pure happiness and an uplifting cocktail mix full of your music making guests want to celebrate. With our knowledge of music we can create your custom playlists from your favorite artists, genres, and even decades or themes.

Oh and the reception!…. with every moment being represented by song we walk everyone through the musical timeline pushing emotions into anticipation to get up and dance with our couple.

We are so excited to get to know you and your love story. We want to share with you our passion in our performance and represent your style “Your Day Your Way”

Complete Happiness and Feedback from Our Groom

On your Wedding Day we are just as excited as you are! From our first meeting to numerous site visits, phone calls, and emails your vision begins to grow. On June 4, 2017 DJ Pasha Entertainment had the pleasure of providing Full Service Coordination, complete sound for the ceremony, cocktails, and reception, along with Master of Ceremonies and Sound Engineer- DJ Pasha. Our couple Tommy and Leigh An wanted everyone invited to feel included and have fun. Our Lead Coordinator Teresa went over their guest list by family members and ages. With this knowledge we created a floor plan for both the ceremony and reception so that all guest could see and hear all of the special moments and so older guest would not be seated to close to the projected sound.

DJ Pasha worked closely with the couple on all of the particular dances, music requests, and vibes that would fill their beautiful wedding day. We want to represent our couple and welcome every guest through music and clear announcements.

Day of the Wedding was perfect as planned. Our Bride and Groom were relaxed and excited to get to their party! So relaxed our Groom wrote a song for his new Bride just days before their wedding and wanted to perform it live. We fit this performance into the timeline, along with amplification and the surprise turned into a mini concert.

For us to look out and see our couple shine with happiness and create the biggest family party we can is our mission. It is so lovely to receive feedback from our couple’s and their DJ Pasha Entertainment experience. We invite you read  feedback from Our Groom about his day:

Tommy said… 
“ DJ Pasha was absolutely amazing. Not only did he make sure to play all of the songs we wanted to hear, but he kept our wedding moving forward with ease. When planning our wedding, DJ Pasha gave us an easy check-off list of songs we would want to hear throughout the event. This made the process very easy. Being a DJ, he also acted as host and worked closely with us and our coordinator to ensure that every song and announcement would be performed right on schedule. He was very quick to answer and very helpful in guiding us when we were unsure what to do next. Before the event, he met with us at the location and got an idea of what we were looking to do. He then figured out a floor plan of where he would set up his equipment in a way that worked with our design. On the day of the event, he arrived early and had everything set up. We were in great hands. During the ceremony, he put a microphone on our officiant, put microphones on our hired string quartet and put a sound system out to allow our guests to hear everything. During the reception, DJ Pasha acted as host and DJ. He announced us as we did our grand entrances, he played ALL of the songs we asked for right on cue, he announced the toasts and made sure everyone knew what was happening every step of the way. From when we were cutting the cake and doing our first dance, all the way up until we did our grand exit, he made sure our guests never missed a thing. DJ Pasha was very kind, fun and easy to work with. He helped us much more than I could have ever hoped for. He was very professional and made our night very special. You cannot get this kind of amazing service from any other DJ, because he went above and beyond his duties to make sure everything was perfect. Most DJs would just show up and play music, but DJ Pasha made sure all of our sound throughout the night was perfect and kept our event running smoothly. He kept the party going! DJ Pasha is definitely THE BEST!“


Castillo Wedding- The DPE Wedding Tour

When we receive a wedding inquiry one of the most important connections to us is setting up a face to face meeting. It is a huge part of our service standards. Our couples have the opportunity to meet and get to know exactly who will be a part of their day. And for us it is being able to connect and understand our couple’s wishes and styles.

From our first email with Danny and Ana we made an effort to first set up a phone meeting to go over their day and venue’s needs. The couple and their performer DJ Pasha talked for over an hour. While DJ Pasha made experienced suggestions we always want to hear what the couple’s wishes are first.

Next step was an in person meeting at the venue. With the couple’s busy work schedule, a meeting was scheduled on the groom’s first available day off.

At the first greeting there was a confident connection between the couple and DJ Pasha. So much was accomplished by walking the venue grounds and going through example timelines. With the confidence DJ Pasha gave Danny and Ana they became our couple and the journey began!

Making sure to please visiting family from Mexico and Texas DJ Pasha worked closely with our couple to create the perfect mix. A mix that welcomes every guest and builds anticipation for announcements and dancing. We believe that family and guests feel comfortable when they hear selections they can relate to. For DJ Pasha Entertainment there is no standard wedding music every song and mix is custom for every couple.

On the day of, many of the guests arrived early to be greeted by DJ Pasha and his cocktail mix. DJ Pasha introduced himself to the family members and friends to go over any questions about their speeches or dances. He even helped to organize a surprise singing performance from the groom’s niece.

There is so much love on a wedding day, so much everyone wants to help and be a part of it. Day of we want everyone to enjoy every second, while we do the work and handle the details.

Prior to our Grand Entrance, DJ Pasha introduced the 200 guest party to relatives and friends from around the states and Mexico. With cheer for each region guests were ready to bring our Bride and Groom into their party!

For the Emotional Parental Dances our Bride danced with the man that raised Her and our groom danced with both his Mom and Sister.

Our couple wanted the Money Dances, which we handle as a special personal moment for family and friends. With knowledge of his couple and their guest list, DJ Pasha played a variety of songs throughout the ages to please everyone making each guest excited to dance with our Bride and Groom. These moments are priceless and creative the best photos and memories for life. We can honestly say that just about every guest participated in the Money Dances.

With a kick off mix before the cake cutting and then over 2 hours of dancing after that DJ Pasha had the dance floor packed. All ages, all ethnicities came together for Danny and Ana. We are proud to share with you footage from the Castillo Wedding directly from our DJ Booth. This is what it feels like, the DJ Pasha Entertainment Experience.






DJ Pasha Entertainment 4th of July Extravaganza on the Beach

For over 15 years DJ Pasha Entertainment has been the soundtrack to the incredible 4th of July Fireworks Celebration at the Santa Monica Beach Club. With every year as the 4th of July weekend approaches guest count and excitement grows. With a day full of activities, a volleyball tournament, and reservations reaching close to 2500 people DJ Pasha Entertainment was asked to fill the day with music.

The original Beach Club DJ and MC Pasha was assigned to the event. With his popularity and knowledge of the Club it was a perfect match. We also included our in house Band to increase the family festival vibes.

DJ Pasha took to his booth at 5pm and started beach vibes as guests danced, watched the volleyball games, and claimed their spots on the beach for a wild night. Our 5 piece band took to the stage at 6pm playing everything from Motown to current Pop. Guests were able to dance and sing along with their children as the band jammed all of their favorite songs.

As the sun went down DJ Pasha rocked in between the band’s breaks and the energy grew with every shade of night. The band’s last set was pure high energy with a packed dance floor. The fireworks are shot from the property’s tennis courts, so DJ Pasha helped to direct guests to safe areas. As final preparations were made to light up the sky, DJ Pasha handed out glow items and DPE foam sticks making a sea of flashing colors.

The countdown was on and in sync with the fireworks show, DJ Pasha performed a holiday mix of pure American patriotism. With an explosive 18 minute fireworks show, the crowd knew what was next. It was the DJ Pasha show, as he hit the lights, lasers, and fog cannons the entire beach took to the dance floor and sand to groove the night away. With the skybar packed with dancing party people and no one wanting to go home, DJ Pasha rocked until 2am. The 4th of July beach party is the biggest yearly event at the Beach Club. It is an honor for us to be a big part of America’s birthday and give every person in attendance the party they wait for all year!

Go backstage and experience what it feels like to party with us.


Madeline and John- The DPE Summer Wedding Tour

On a beautiful and sunny June day the Wedding Experts of DJ Pasha Entertainment Coordinated and Planned the rustic Wedding of Madeline and John. From the first meeting with our couple, our Lead Coordinator Teresa, and MC/DJ Pasha there was an instant connection. After 2 hours of planning and going over suggestions but mainly laughs, we all couldn’t wait for the wedding date!

Teresa worked closely on bringing our couple’s visions to life. From Coordinating and directing a fun Wedding Rehearsal to planning and executing a stress free timeline. DJ Pasha had the pleasure of getting to know the couple, their family, and friends through music. With the DJ Pasha Entertainment Event Forms on our website couples are taken by the hand to begin forming their custom musical timeline for their day. The submit forms include details such as likes/dislikes, introductions, toastees, special dances, and music that represents our couple’s styles. We know how important it is to have coordination and music work together seamlessly. Every action needs to be coordinated while every moment to music.

With vendor communication and our close relationship with the venue our Wedding Team was built for Madeline and John. Meeting and equipment coordination set us all up to give our couple a successful Wedding Party. The Ceremony was timed perfectly by Teresa and her assistant. With the help of DJ Pasha and Elizabeth Burgi Photography we organized to have the wedding party and all of the guests take some amazing group photos on the ceremony site. That excitement kicked into a cocktail hour full of delicious appetizers, up beat music from DJ Pasha, drinks, and XL Cocktail Games.

Our Bride and Groom wanted to join the cocktail party so bad we broke them in with Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close” and everyone welcomed them to their party. Every toast, every special dance, and cake cutting where all on time and every guest felt included. With our Coordination and announcements we make certain every guest knows what is happening through out the day and night while checking in on the comfort of our couple.

Once we opened up the dance floor no one ever left! The couple had some must haves and guests definitely had requests but Madeline and John really wanted to let DJ Pasha do his thing. And that he did! By watching the dance floor and our couple every song brought screams and cheers out of the crowd.

See our work in action from the visionary styling from TSI Video Productions. Our hearts melt seeing all of the details and work to bring our couple’s wishes come to life. We are proud to have the opportunity to create memories of love that will last forever.