New Year, New Music From DJ Pasha!

2020 is off and running, and Owner DJ Pasha loves nothing more than sharing his playlist with you all. He has just released the 4th installment of his RollerJam mixes. The RollerJam series is best described as Old School Fun with New School Twists, reminiscent of Roller Skate parks and rinks. A bob your head and sing a long story for everyone. Make sure to visit our Music page, have a listen, and you can download for FREE! Take RollerJam 4 and DJ Pasha wherever you Roll!

Your Happiness, Our Smile

With another great year coming to an end we get to reflect on all of our beautiful couples we had the opportunity to work with. For each and every couple we made the time and effort to get to know who they are. Every couple and every wedding is an opportunity for us to create an experience as unique as their love story. When our DJs and Coordinator sit down with our couples we specifically want to learn what is important to them and  their top priorities to please themselves, their families, and guests. The big advantage by booking multiple services through DJ Pasha Entertainment is the trust, confidence, and quality we are known for. And we are proud to say each of our team members are in sync with your event, customizing every detail to your timeline, theme, dress code, and color story. We want to arrive early, stand proud, and look out and see your happiness!

When Fans Become Family

The DJ Pasha Summer of Love Tour returned to the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival for 2 Nights in 2018. After many years of working closely with the producers owner DJ Pasha created the After Party Experience. A chance for thousands of Festival goers to end their day dancing to the Intoxicating & Energetic show from DJ Pasha. Every year the After Party crowd grows bigger and so does the show 1 DJ has created. DJ Pasha connects with his crowd through music, excitement, and a custom explosive mix for all to lose themselves. No connection is greater then being asked to perform personally as a surprise gift to a Birthday Girl who has said “DJ Pasha is the BEST DJ I’ve ever heard!” Working together with Melissa’s Husband Brian DJ Pasha organized a Surprise 40th Birthday Party like no other. Whether it is 25,000 people or 100 guests you will receive the biggest show of your life. Here is what Melissa’s Husband Brian had to say to Promoters involved about his Festival and Personal DJ Pasha Entertainment Experience:

“I just wanted to take a moment and compliment someone that has appeared at the last year’s festivals. My wife and I were introduced to the festival in 2017 and could not wait to get back in 2018. Once again, we had a phenomenal time and we really look forward to next year’s event. Each year our group size grows and next year will increase as well. It is a fantastic event and very well done by all who put it together.

Around the time of this year’s festival, I decided that I would throw my wife a surprise birthday party. Each night, we would finish the event at the wine stage where DJ Pasha closed down the festival (a special request would be to allow him to stay later if possible!). My wife commented on how great the DJ was so when I went back to work on the Monday after the festival, I looked up DJ Pasha to see if he could handle our surprise birthday party. I figured that your event was so large and had so many people that our 80-90 person party might not be large enough. Well, I was surprised and he had no problem accommodating our request.

Throughout the entire process he was beyond professional, helpful and did an amazing job for the party. We considered him family by the end of the event and I wanted to take a moment and share this with the powers that be within your organization. I own an IT Construction and Consulting firm that designs and installs solutions throughout the nation. I personally work with many vendors throughout the country and when I find one as professional, prepared and easy to work with as DJ Pasha, I felt more than obligated to advise your leadership of our experience. A performer operating at your venue says a lot about the venue as a whole. I would strongly encourage you and hope that you continue to use DJ Pasha for the upcoming events. I could not speak more highly for the way he handled our party, nor the way he closed down your event every night.

Thank you very much, looking forward to 2019!”

Ladies is Gentleman This is DJ Pasha Entertainment Spinning Your Day Your Way


We Take Good Music Very Seriously



There are allot of reasons why we love sharing Good Music and Vibes, BUT receiving texts like this screenshot is truly our #1 Reason. When Fans, Friends, and Family thank us and tell us how good they feel from our mixes and the impact it has made it means the world to us. No matter where you are or what you’re doing music can set you free, realign yourself, escape, feel young & beautiful! Owner DJ Pasha thanks you for listening and will continue to share as much as he can from the road.

Some other important reasons we release mixes for our Couples and Clients:

  1. You can hear your DJ and see they actually mix and build energy while telling a story.
  2. You can experience a skilled Master of Ceremonies that is clear, direct, and fun working hand and hand with the music and event happenings.
  3. On our Website and on our DJPashaEntertainment Mixcloud pages we have created a New Radio with hours of new artists and styles from around the world. Where else can you hear, see, and feel your Entertainment Investment? There is a reason why for 20 Years we have not stopped!

DJ Pasha Ent After Party RETURNS!

For over 6 years DJ Pasha Ent. has provided entertainment for and worked together with the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival. For the last 2 years the element of having a party DJ at the festival created a completely different vibe. In 2016 festival promoters and DJ Pasha had a meeting to increase the visibility and presence of the DJ. DJ Pasha came up with the concept of a After Party for Friday and Saturday nights. With thousands coming to Temecula from all over filling the camp grounds and local hotels this would allow a safe atmosphere and a huge party to look forward to! On Friday June 1 and Saturday June 2, after the beautiful Hot Air Balloon Glow show and the evening’s main stage act come dance the night away with DJ Pasha for both nights. DJ Pasha will also be kicking off the Festival opening the Main Stage Friday night with a rocking set to welcome Safety Orange, Spin Doctors, and Sugar Ray live on stage.

Get your tickets now at to the Summer’s Biggest Festival featuring: Wine tasting, Beer tasting, shopping experiences, food pairings, Hot Air Balloons, and the Energy of DJ Pasha. See you at the 35th Annual Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival!

Your First Dance Remixed!

When planning a wedding we believe every couple and family are completely different and that is how we make your Wedding Special. When we meet with couples one of our first questions is “What is important to you both?”

With our 20 years of experience, we want to share thoughts and ideas. We do not tell couples what they need to do, we listen.

For D’Veon and Veronica it was extremely important to them to connect both family and culture from both sides. Their DJ and Master of Ceremonies was DJ Pasha. The three of them went through many ideas to combine a First Dance like no other! Our Groom really wanted to show his new bride’s family that he has embraced their Latin roots. DJ Pasha collected the songs they wanted to incorporate and recorded different blends and mixes for the couple to practice their big dance. The couple would send him video of their routine so he could capture the feeling second by second. DJ Pasha and our couple decided on a slow Bachata remix featuring Usher to open the elegant dance. Then as a surprise DJ Pasha would mix in a high energy salsa selection and the Groom would through off his jacket and spin his new wife around.

Day of the Wedding Master of Ceremonies DJ Pasha had every guest surround the dance floor in anticipation of our Bride and Groom’s entrance. Our Bride and Groom began their First Dance with sensual ease and when the salsa song came on and the Groom’s jacket went flying into the crowd every guest began dancing around our beautiful couple! These moments of personalization, fun, and involving every guest is DJ Pasha Entertainment Spinning Your Day Your Way!

Why GOOD Music is so important for your Wedding Part 1

For DJ Pasha entertainment music is life. When you think of music you can remember so many moments in your life. What did your parents listen too? What was playing in the car when you went to school or on vacation? What was the first song that made you want to dance and lose control? Throughout your life music supported you when you were happy, mad, sad, or even confused. Not all couples budget or even realize how important hiring an experienced DJ/MC performer is. A professional doesn’t “Just Play Songs”, we share our knowledge of our couple and experience with music. A Wedding Day is full of emotions and we provide your soundtrack to your new lives together. When guests arrive at your venue we welcome them with a feeling of class and anticipation to see the Wedding Family, Party and matrimony of our new couple. With the right vibe, tempo, and volume the excitement grows. For Guest Arrival we have played everything from Big Band Jazz for family from New Orleans to music scores and hand picked artists, even video game songs. This is the custom service we provide. We are telling your story as ONE now. A story that song by song represents our couple, family, and friends.

When we meet with our couples we ask:

What was your first concert?

What music makes both sides of your families not hold back from singing and dancing?

What do your friends like?

What do you dislike? (Very Important!)

What ages will be in attendance?

With these questions the relationship with our couple and their personal playlist begins to grow. This is the fun part for us. We treat every party different and with a wedding we look at it as multiple parties. Here is how we see it- We have our couple, each an individual with likes and dislikes but yet through the relationship have grown to like each others tastes. There are road trips, concerts, moving in together, cleaning your house! Music has always been there, to make you dance, laugh, and cry together. No 1 couple is the same, and like a photographer pulls out a smile we want to pull out your style. To be continued……..