Your First Dance Remixed!

When planning a wedding we believe every couple and family are completely different and that is how we make your Wedding Special. When we meet with couples one of our first questions is “What is important to you both?”

With our 20 years of experience, we want to share thoughts and ideas. We do not tell couples what they need to do, we listen.

For D’Veon and Veronica it was extremely important to them to connect both family and culture from both sides. Their DJ and Master of Ceremonies was DJ Pasha. The three of them went through many ideas to combine a First Dance like no other! Our Groom really wanted to show his new bride’s family that he has embraced their Latin roots. DJ Pasha collected the songs they wanted to incorporate and recorded different blends and mixes for the couple to practice their big dance. The couple would send him video of their routine so he could capture the feeling second by second. DJ Pasha and our couple decided on a slow Bachata remix featuring Usher to open the elegant dance. Then as a surprise DJ Pasha would mix in a high energy salsa selection and the Groom would through off his jacket and spin his new wife around.

Day of the Wedding Master of Ceremonies DJ Pasha had every guest surround the dance floor in anticipation of our Bride and Groom’s entrance. Our Bride and Groom began their First Dance with sensual ease and when the salsa song came on and the Groom’s jacket went flying into the crowd every guest began dancing around our beautiful couple! These moments of personalization, fun, and involving every guest is DJ Pasha Entertainment Spinning Your Day Your Way!

Great DJ and Great Dancer!

Great hip music and all the suggested music was played as well. DJ was amazing with the kids, kept them going even though it was a daytime party. Kept us going and jumping the whole time. The dancer was engaging with the kids and it was fun! Great DJ and great dancer!
– Orit

Every Detail Taken Care of For US

Teresa, her assistant Desiree, and Pasha truly made our wedding perfect. They completely controlled the details of the day, allowing us to relax and enjoy ourselves. We could not have done it without them! Every detail was taken care of for us – all we had to do was show up and they took care of the rest. I especially appreciated the special attention paid to the needs of our families.
– Kelly