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Owner and CEO DJ Pasha Gonzalez grew up with a variety of music his whole life. Having an interest for music and melodies, made playing the piano by ear natural.

Through the years he came to grow, love, and understand all different styles of music. At a young age of collecting and experimenting with music and the art of DJing, DJ Pasha started DJing school dances and events at the age of 15. He then joined a team of house music DJs and began DJing clubs, after hours, and raves.

During this time DJ Pasha took his passion to the recording engineer side of music. While in the studio he realized he missed being creative for his dance floor and live crowd. So DJ Pasha went back on the road and became a centerpiece to very successful Club promotions from Hollywood to New York, providing a complete night out for Club go-ers spinning all genres of music, telling his story. With this exposure, DJ Pasha was asked to perform and travel for private events, weddings, proms, yacht parties, resorts, and country clubs. With his energy, style, and knowledge of the dance floor DJ Pasha became a sought after performer in the industry, but DJ Pasha wanted to give even more to his fans, family, friends, and clients which all became the same-family. DJ Pasha wanted to run the show from start to finish becoming an Event Producer. The business idea had become a one stop shop for his clients providing skilled DJs, full audio/video, event coordinators, dancers, rentals, lighting, photo booths, photography, all the way to camel rides! With the trust he has established, clients feel secure knowing the quality and standards he puts behind every event’s needs. This is all done by the personal touch of getting to know each and every client and couple’s wishes, likes, and dislikes. From meetings, venue visits, and limitless conversations the perfect custom playlist and musical timeline and execution is put into motion.

DJ Pasha is also projects a clear, strong, and welcoming presence as the Master of Ceremony for every event and for all ages. Currently DJ Pasha Entertainment is the resident entertainment director for numerous Resorts, Country Clubs, and Companies throughout California along with worldwide destination wedding and event production.

With DJ Pasha and his Team we will make you feel it truly is “Your Day Your Way”

Welcome to DJ Pasha Entertainment, Let’s get started!!!

Lead Coordinator Teresa

Meet our lead event coordinator, Teresa. From an early age, Teresa has always enjoyed organizing things. Whether it be color coordinating a bedroom closet or the organization of a party with all of its logistics, these have been things that she really enjoys. She comes from a multi cultural background so she understands that there are many different aspects and important traditions that need to be focused on for events.

One of Teresa strengths is her patience and during stressful moments, this personality trait shines through. With over 10 years of experience coordinating events, she has seen her fair share of all different situations that arise. Whether you're trying to plan a small dinner party or an elaborate celebration, Teresa is able to be by your side through the planning process to offer assistance and support. The goal is to eliminate the added stress to you and allow you to enjoy your celebration.

Teresa has coordinated many different cultural weddings and events as well as fundraisers and looks forward to making your celebration a success, leaving you with all of your guests having a great experience that will be talked about for years to come.

DJ Damian James

DJ Damian James has been a professional disc-jockey, emcee and entertainer for the past 14 years. As a genuine music fan and one who always loves a party that has "Energy and good vibes", he uses his passion and experience to keep crowds entertained and dancing at special events all throughout Southern California. His fun-loving personality and exposure to a wide variety of music genres and cultures as a young child has rewarded him with the ability to connect with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Playing to mixed crowds at different types of gigs for the past decade, Damian enjoys the freedom to mix up musical styles and stay fresh with his music selection. "I really like to see people enjoying themselves." he explains. "If I can help them do that by playing good music and perhaps give them a little more music culture with a song they've never heard before, then I feel I'm doing my job well.”

DJ Damian James is a very loved and requested performer at all of our Private Resorts and Country Clubs due to his versatility and charming attitude.

DJ Orion

DJ Orion AKA Jake Leyva has been one of Los Angeles' Premiere DJ's for many years. His eclectic style of DJing is reveres by many DJ's throughout Los Angeles. What makes him so special is his ability to connect with a diverse crowd through music.

It started many years ago, back in junior high school when Orion took up the art of DJing. He knew back then he was meant to do this. After much hard work within the industry he created "Orion Music Production". This, a Boutique music production company that produces a variety of genres. DJ Orion's mission is to provide the highest quality of music, lighting and emcee service for weddings, fundraisers, corporate & private events, and every special occasion. Orion's many years of experience and knowledge of music makes him one of the most sought out DJ's around.

DJ Orion has been a part of the DJ Pasha Entertainment team for 3 wonderful years and has catered to our clients needs making them craving more. He has overtaken the hottest Clubs throughout the country and by overwhelming demand has been asked to return to the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival a festival hosting over 40,000 party goers!

DJ Joshua K

DJ Joshua K has been mixing music and dj-ing school events and house parties since the age of 16. DJ Joshua K plays various types of instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, piano, concert drum set, and also marching bass.

At UCLA DJ Joshua K is a member/DJ/producer of the Electronic Dance Music Club and belongs to a hip-hop dance troupe. Blending his 2 passions, music and dance. DJ Joshua K spins from hip-hop to EDM, from rock n’ roll to Latin music, from oldies to the Billboard top 100, and from his own style to the crowd’s favorites. DJ Joshua K specializes in mixing different tempos and genres to create an event storyline.

DJ Joshua K has developed and mixed several of his own songs and remixes. He has also competed in the National Campus DJ Competition statewide as an LA DJ finalist and most recently the PAUL OAKENFOLD DJ Los Angeles Search at the world famous Avalon where he has advanced to the finals! All in all, DJ Joshua K has a burning passion for the performing arts which he translates through his muse of producing and DJing and has big aspirations to cultivate a career within the music industry.

DJ Joshua K is more known as a party DJ, he can read a crowd’s mood and adjust accordingly to whatever the event host wants for their event. Whether it is a crowd that needs family friendly music, a crowd that wants to turn up the party, a crowd that wants all country or even a crowd that wants all 80’s music, Joshua K will provide the vibe that you need for your event!

DJ Joshua K has been a part of the DJ Pasha Entertainment team for 4 years. With experience from audio and visual production to jumping onto the performing DJ/MC scene for us DJ Joshua K has quickly emerged as a fan favorite.

DJ Jesse S

DJ Jesse S AKA Jesse Shadis has music in his blood. His father is a seasoned musician and his mother is a major label music publisher. DJ Jesse S has been a drummer since the age of 9, and he began his DJ music career as a teenager. He had just started high school when he began pursuing the path of a DJ. He fell in love with the concept of one person harnessing the ability to deliver the magic, mood, and motivation of great music to so many people in the same place at the same time.

When he first began, it was all for the music and fun. Growing up he would host free parties at his home just to perform in front of his friends and family. He would drag old hand-me-down DJ equipment to backyard parties, birthday parties, and whatever he could get himself involved in just to deliver great music to great people. As time went by and his DJ skills grew stronger, he began investing into his craft by purchasing professional grade equipment and working to DJ at higher status events. He eventually started booking paying shows and became highly requested for all styles of events.

Now over 20 years later he entertains some of LA’S most esteemed clientele ranging from International celebrities such as SLASH® from GUNS & ROSES®, World-Class businesses like CELEBRITY CONNECTED®, and entrepreneurial empires such as THE WORLD NETWORKS, INTL.®

His energy, experience, and diversity in today’s culture and musical genre gives him an edge over todays standard DJ’s. He has built and maintained strong relationships in the entertainment industry and applies all of these strengths to every one of his clients at everyone one of his shows.

And today it’s still… all for the music and fun.

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