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DJ Pasha Gonzalez, CEO

Growing up in a Mexican American family, music played an instrumental part in DJ Pasha’s childhood. Whether on a Sunday cruise through Echo Park in the family station wagon or while his mom tidied up the house, music symbolized joy and unity.

DJ Pasha’s journey began at the early age of 13, spinning records at house parties and school dances. Taking college courses in audio engineering at 16 helped him understand the technical side of producing music. After getting an audio engineering education, DJ Pasha put time in as a studio intern. However, he realized he missed the performative side of music. So, he went back to what he loved the most by evolving into a seasoned DJ and building a Latino-owned independent business.

He is personally available for Master of Ceremony (MC) and Voice of God (VOG), as well as pre-planning & site visits, client and vendor relations, event timelines, and one-on-one Zoom video & calls. DJ Pasha will bring your vision to life.
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DJ Damian James

DJ Damian James has been a professional disc-jockey, emcee and entertainer for the past 18 years. As a genuine music fan and one who always loves a party that has "Energy and good vibes", he uses his passion and experience to keep crowds entertained and dancing at special events all throughout Southern California. His fun-loving personality and exposure to a wide variety of music genres and cultures as a young child has rewarded him with the ability to connect with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Playing to mixed crowds at different types of gigs for the past decade, Damian enjoys the freedom to mix up musical styles and stay fresh with his music selection. "I really like to see people enjoying themselves." he explains. "If I can help them do that by playing good music and perhaps give them a little more music culture with a song they've never heard before, then I feel I'm doing my job well.”

DJ Damian James is a very loved and requested performer at all of our Private Resorts and Country Clubs due to his versatility and charming attitude. (se habla espanol)


Like many authentic DJ’s, Ray started playing records at 15 for friends and family. Ray grew up in Montevideo, Uruguay which is the capital city that boasts with amazing music from all over the world. Having access to rich world music along with a bustling live music scene, his hometown helped fuel his future journey as an entertainer in the events industry.

Coming to America in his 20s, Ray became very passionate to experience different cultures and traditions through events in the United States. While stepping up the DJ ranks in nightclubs, 90s House music was a favorite genre Ray loved to mix to keep the dance floor energy high.

Every celebration is special to Ray. By selecting the perfect music based on the client’s feedback and giving professional MC direction, Ray will provide an unforgettable experience! (se habla español)

DJ & KJ Stephan

With the love of music, Stephan has been providing quality entertainment to the greater Los Angeles area for over thirty-five years. At a young age Stephan was exposed to a variety of music and cultures. He was surrounded by many different music genres growing up in Southern California.

In high school he got involved in the party scene, and like most DJ’s He started out spinning vinyl. He now works exclusively with several digital formats: music, music videos, and Karaoke. Stephan is great with guests and their requests. He plays close attention to the dance floor, and he knows how to read a crowd. This is one of the reasons why he has repeat customers.

“Music is the soundtrack of our lives. It has always been there for us: in the good times, and in the bad times, music makes us happy, and sad” He goes on and says “If I can play that one song, that one song that would make someone’s night, I did my job right!”.

He has the experience in corporate events, weddings, public occasions, and private parties, He has what it takes to make your event memorable.

DJ Ryan

DJ Ryan has been a professional DJ since 2005 specializing in Weddings, Corporate events, and all other formal events. Graduating from Cal State University of Dominguez Hills with a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Advertising.

DJ Ryan has DJ’ed over 1,300+ weddings and 1,000 corporate events. Specializing in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Indian Music all genres has earned him great success as a mobile DJ.

Past clients include the owner of the UFC “Dana White”, LA Dodgers, Anaheim Angeles, Google, Macy’s, USC, UCLA, and many more. What sets DJ Ryan apart is his customer service, down to earth personality, and knowledge to pack a dance floor for any kind of event. DJ Ryan is also a DPE Live Karaoke Host.

DPE Dancers

Our DPE Dancers are so much more than that! Our team of performers arrive to your Event to teach, motivate, play games, interact and become part of the Celebration. Straight from tour, print, and video our Dancers have the experience to adjust to any age or theme. Being teachers themselves, each has the ability to engage and bring the energy! Special Performances and Classes are also available for any Wedding or Event.